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With the lack of transparency that the Alum Rock School District Board has shown, a walk out was organized by the Mayfair community to raise awareness about the lack of transparency and accountability in district leadership.

Hundreds of students walked off of their campuses to convene at the Alum Rock School District Office, where staff and volunteers from SOMOS Mayfair organized a rally and activities to engage with community.

SOMOS provided snacks, water, supplies to make signs, and a stage where local artists, poets, and community organizers shared their vision of a vibrant school district. The passion and courage of the students was especially visible, who marched at the front lines and confidently talked to press. 

The walk out was successful, capturing public attention and showing that our community does not step down when it comes to ensuring our students have as many opportunities to succeed as possible.

Media coverage can be found here, here, and on our "In the News" page.

Chelsey Cartwright