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"Dolores" Mayfair Movie Night

WOW! Last night we hosted a screening of "Dolores," an inspiring film documenting the life and work of Dolores Huerta. The movie was followed by a panel of mother-daughter duos who shared their own experiences as women in the movement.

It was exciting to have hundreds of people come out, both from within our community, and visitors from beyond. We had an entire buffet of incredible food (including a quesadilla-making station, hot chocolate, and yummy treats from Veggielution), local vendors set up, printmaking taking place.........and that was all before the movie even started! (Meanwhile, the kids got to watch "Coco" and do arts & crafts with the Escuelita teachers--- that was fun too!)

The film itself was empowering, challenging, and so honoring of Dolores Huerta and the legacy she left behind. After the film, we had an incredible panel made up of women leaders who live and work right here in San Jose. They had a diverse background (from Promotoras to elected officials, and experience in the non-profit world to the private world), but were able to all speak on their experiences as women in the movement. Tamara Alvarado of the School of Arts & Culture moderated the conversation, and the panelists spoke on issues like balancing motherhood and organizing, having to work harder to be treated as equals, and the importance of carrying a movement across different generations.

All in all, it was a full night that made us more inspired than ever to continue our work here in East San Jose. We're grateful for the fantastic food, Calpulli Tonalehqueh for sharing their dance, the vendors and artists who came out, the volunteers who made it happen, and everybody who joined us. It was a triumphant celebration of those who have paved the way before us.

We were honored to present this film in collaboration with our friends at the School of Arts & Culture @MHP. Thank you S.H. Cowell Foundation for making this night possible!

Chelsey Cartwright