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Healthier Kids Foundation Visits Painter Co-op

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Health care is something that every child should have the equal opportunity of receiving. Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara did an awesome job making sure that was possible for the SOMOS Painter Parent co-op kids. The staff was amazing and made sure that no tears were shed, and every child had a memorable experience. Getting a bag of goodies after a checkup doesn’t hurt either!

First the kids were given a dental checkup. The hygienist who worked at the event made sure to explain everything she was going to do prior to checking their teeth. The kids felt so much more at ease knowing that the flashlight she shined was nothing scary, just to help her see better. They got to choose what bag of goodies (dental hygiene bags) they wanted after completing their checkup.

Next, the kids were given an eye checkup to help identify if there may have been any visual needs that had not been noticed before. This is awesome because families are given information they might not have gotten before hand about visual problems. High fives were definitely the best reward after this check-up.


To close out the screenings, everyone got their ears checked to make sure that there were no problems with hearing loss. The smiles on all the kids’ faces lit up the room, and anything that seemed to be out of the ordinary with their senses was addressed.

It’s a powerful thing to see the changes we can make when we collaborate and share resources. Thank you to the Healthier Kids Foundation for working with families to identify and eliminate kids’ health issues before they even begin. And thank you to FIRST 5 Santa Clara for making the Painter co-op a reality in our community. 

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Chelsey Cartwright