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Local Bank of America Highlights Mayfair Art

BoA Art.jpg


This morning a few of our staff and community members had the honor of attending the grand opening of Bank of America's local, community-oriented bank on King and Story Road.

We're thankful for the ways that Bank of America has supported and invested in us these past few years--- thanks to their partnership our organization is able to be sustainable and successful in the work we do to elevate the dreams and hopes of the Mayfair community.

At today's grand opening, the Bank of America team unveiled a beautiful new art installation, made up of art pieces created by local residents--- kids and parents alike. This project was done in collaboration between The School of Arts & Culture and SOMOS Mayfair, and Bank of America asked if the pieces could be highlighted right here in the community.

It was great hearing from leaders across different sectors. We all do different work, but we are all committed to making our community the best it can be. Here's to a more vibrant--- and collaborative-- Mayfair!

Chelsey Cartwright