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Our friends at the School of Arts and Culture have created a year-long campaign celebrating our neighborhood--- the Mayfair. We are excited to partner with and support the campaign, and we're looking forward to all the fantastic events they have planned! Check out their website--- we'll see you all at the events!



From Celebrate Mayfair's Website:

Overview: Celebrate Mayfair is a year long project that aims to celebrate the talent, beauty, and history of the Mayfair community. We believe that through creating a platform for shared arts and cultural experiences we can connect residents and reduce blight in the Mayfair neighborhood.  

Mayferia Events: The School of Arts and Culture will host a series of celebration’s to spotlight the talent of Mayfair residents. Mayferia events will be showcases for local talent and a place for residents to learn about community resources. This first Mayferia will take place on Friday, December 9th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at The School of Arts and Culture and will feature food demos, children’s maker activities, community resource information, and crafts from local vendors.  

Beautifications: The School of Arts and Culture will be working with community stakeholder organizations and residents to identify and beautify 3 blighted areas in the Mayfair. The School will leverage its relationships with local artists to help transform spaces into inviting areas where residents will want to congregate.  

Community Pride: In alignment with upcoming Mayferia events and community beatifications The School of Arts and Culture will also be facilitating a community pride marketing campaign. We will be working with community stakeholder organizations to identify slogans and imagery that capture the beauty and vibrancy of the Mayfair 

Resident Artist Program: We are looking for Mayfair residents who cook, create arts/crafts, sing, dance, draw, paint etc. Residents will be eligible for stipends to participate and exhibit at Mayferia events as well as take part in mentorship/exchanges with professionals artists from across the Silicon Valley.

For more information about Celebrate Mayfair and how you can get involved please contact Project Lead Demone Carter 408.794.6250

Chelsey Cartwright