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Highlight: The Majority Report


Click here to read The Majority Report

Click here to read The Majority Report

It is true that Latino students make up the majority of students in California, and it is also true that the long history of discriminatory policies and practices in California continue to impact our children’s opportunity to do well in school.  In a new report, released by Ed Trust West, there is a strong message to all of us who want better school success for our students that we must not only pay attention to academic rigor but also school climate that upholds our culture and identity.  Some of the practices that are shared in the report are:

  • restorative justice
  • cultural inclusivity
  • reduced barriers to family engagement with schools 
  • increasing more opportunities for students
  • integrating English language instruction
  • a holistic approach to providing services to families and; 
  • specific support for immigrant families

These are all practices that we know will make the different in a student’s success not only in school but in life.  At SOMOS, we honor everyone’s experiences and expertise and know that without looking at the family dynamics, needs, challenges and community vision we will not create the change necessary to impact our students. 

The report addresses the continuum of support necessary for a Latino student through college.  SOMOS specifically focuses on early learning opportunities that build the foundation for a strong start in the education journey and support people right to choose a just and dignified future for themselves.  For more information please check out The Majority Report:

Chelsey Cartwright