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SOMOS Fuertes


The mission of SOMOS Fuertes is to bring civic-minded institutions closer to their stakeholders, with insight and knowledge on issues and trends, through the engagement of community members via trusted relationships with Promotores.  We believe that when institutions and community come together to work on an equal playing field founded on deep respect, change can be monumental

Our vision is to create a vibrant network of well-trained, highly-skilled Promotores across the South Bay that increase access to economic opportunity for the workers, and serves as a bridge between institutions and local people supporting the transformation of communities.

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How does SOMOS Fuertes work?

  • Fuertes is a program of SOMOS Mayfair, providing clients with coaching, consulting and placement of Promotores (peer educators) for community engagement to improve organizational capacity.
  • The program utilizes a mix of leadership development tools and hands-on training to both the workers and clients. Those hired through the Network are provided professional development opportunities.
  • Fuertes places well-trained, highly-skilled, certified community workers/peer educators in community projects.
  • Promoters in the network are paid at a living wage-level ($20+/hour)


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