SOMOS Mayfair

SOMOS Fuertes


SOMOS Fuertes is our response to methodically bring the Promotor Model to other institutions, while increasing the economic opportunities of community workers. It is our belief that when institutions and community come together to work on an equal playing field founded on deep respect, change can be monumental.


Role of SOMOS Mayfair

  • Brings its proven leadership development curriculum to institution.
  • Contracts include both Promotor@s placement and/or SOMOS team consulting/coaching work.
  • Provides ongoing management of the Network.
  • Supports a collaborative process with prospective members to launch the LLC structured worker-owned collective, and its development into a successful business.
  • Supports cooperative’s development with low-fee/deferred payment contracts for training, facility use, and administration support to help achieve mutually-defined success benchmarks.

Role of SOMOS Fuertes Promotor@s Network

  • A program of SOMOS Mayfair, provides clients with coaching, consulting and placement of peer educators for community engagement to improve organizational capacity; utilizes a mix of leadership development tools; provides hands-on training and support to both the workers and to clients.
  • Places well-trained, highly-skilled, certified community workers/peer educators in community projects.
  • Provides those hired through the Network with professional development opportunities.
  • Aims to provide workers with living wage-level ($20+/hour) supplemental household income.
  • Projects/contracts are typically short-term; working 10-12 hours a week.

Role of Cooperative(s)

  • Licensed LLC independent worker-owned cooperative business, whose members establish their own rules, operating agreements, investment requirements and governance structure.
  • Operates with a flat structure/no hierarchy, each member-owner has an equal vote in decisions.
  • Co-op chooses which SOMOS Fuertes Network projects or other contracts it wants to participate in.
  • SOMOS Fuertes commits to treat the Co-op as a preferred vendor for promotor@s contract work.
  • Profits/dividends returned in proportion to investment/engagement as determined by Co-op members.


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