SOMOS Mayfair



Promotor Model


Each year, SOMOS recruits, trains, and mentors 100 neighborhood residents to serve as Promotores (peer mentors).  Trained in SOMOS' unique Promotor Model influenced by international best practices, Promotores impart lessons and support families to adopt practices that foster successful students and healthy families.  This work is done in people’s homes, in parks, at the community center, in church halls...anywhere people gather in Mayfair. By taking the “classroom” into traditional and non-traditional spaces, our Promotores do their work in a very public and visible fashion. This is intentional.  In order to turn our work into a neighborhood movement, the work must enter the consciousness of the community, must be perceived as a cultural norm and practice of Mayfair.



Learn more about our SOMOS Fuertes network, where we connect Promotores to a wide variety of careers and connections.




“We volunteer as Somos Promotores because we saw how these programs have helped our own children. We have learned how to support our children’s learning; we have improved our exercise and eating at home; we have learned skills to find a style of parenting that works in our home. We want to help other Mayfair families do the same.”   –Imelda & Jose Luis, Somos Mayfair Promotores



“It gives me pride that the work of engaging Mayfair residents is now in our hands.  I feel that we as Promotores have the power to pass on to other Mayfair residents everything that we have learned at Somos Mayfair so that they also have the opportunity and desire to move forward.” –Nelly Blas, Former Promotora/Current Staff Member



“I am more open, I have been able to heal the pain of my past and I am able to value myself.  I can see the needs of other women and have the words to talk in public.  Here with so many women, with so many problems, some worse than my own. It’s a place where you can talk, express yourself.”  –Carmen, Somos Mayfair Promotora