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“From working with Somos Mayfair, I learned about my own talents that I did not know I had.  What I do counts.  My grain of salt counts and it is valuable, it multiplies in a big group.  I can be a leader not only in my family but in my community.” - Guadalupe, SOMOS Promotora

Our work is made possible through generous government, foundation, corporate, and community member contributions.



Contributions from Somos Mayfair Sembradores

Major Gift Donors contributing $500 or more per year

  • Alisha Rodrigues

  • Amy Atkins

  • Andy Ball

  • Andy Smith

  • Armand Sanchez

  • Camille Llanes

  • Carmen & Al Castellano

  • Carol Blacutt-Underwood

  • Carole Leigh Hutton

  • Cayce Hill

  • Christina Pham and Simon Johnson

  • Cynthia Llanes

  • Diane Pham

  • Faye Mellos

  • Gloria Castaneda

  • Guisselle Nunez & Ron Gonzales

  • James Tice

  • Jane Anderson

  • Jim Lyons

  • Jordon Wilson-Dalzell

  • Kwok Lau

  • Leslie Rodriguez

  • Lisa Guerra

  • Mabell Aguilar

  • Mabell Fabela

  • Mark Wilson & Family

  • Melissa Morris

  • Michelle Cale

  • Nancy Ragey

  • Norma Alvarez

  • Paige Robbins

  • Quency Phillips

  • Rene Santiago

  • Richard Regua

  • Ritu Goswamy

  • Robert Drew

  • Sandra Soto

  • Shannon Hunt-Scott

  • Tali Levy

  • Talitha Ling

  • Tracy Hailey

And donors like you!


“I am more open, I have been able to heal the pain of my past and I am able to value myself.  I can see the needs of other women and have the words to talk in public.  Here with so many women, with so many problems, some worse than my own. It’s a place where you can talk, express yourself.” - Carmen, SOMOS Promotora