SOMOS Mayfair

Mission & Values


Our Mission

SOMOS Mayfair supports children, organizes families, and connects neighbors to uplift the dreams, power, and leadership of community and address systemic inequities.


Our Vision

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For Our Children

  • Every child in Mayfair...

  • Is prepared with the early learning and literacy skills needed to develop and thrive

  • Has access to equitable opportunities and resources to discover and develop their passion, talents, and gifts.

  • Can analyze, read, and question the world, contributing unique voice, perspective, and action.

  • Is supported in developing a positive self-identity, with a deep connection to culture, heritage, and language.

  • Is moved to thrive in college, in the workforce, and in life to be a leader in our community.

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For Our Families

  • Families have networks of mutual support and equitable opportunities and resources to achieve their personal visions.

  • Families have a deep connection to community and choose to exercise their leadership in meaningful ways.

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For Our Community

  • Our community is united, healthy, and safe when exercising our power.

  • Our community has a strong analysis of systems of oppression and is ready to develop alternative systems and advocate for change.

  • Our rich histories, migration journeys, cultures, and languages are uplifted and celebrated.

  • Our sustainability as a community radiates from within through shared ownership and collective action.



Our Values

  • We believe that all people are valuable and can contribute to building a movement for justice and that we all have power to change the world around us.

  • We believe it is our responsibility to take action and support one another, our collective heritage, and the common good.

  • We struggle to reclaim the power that is denied to our community and communities like ours.

  • Mayfair is a transition community; one of many that is the point of entry to a new country or a stopover for working poor. Transition communities play a critical core in regional society. Thus, our job is to make Mayfair the most supportive transition community possible.

  • We do not accept the chronic crises caused by the inequitable distribution of power and resources.

  • We believe that urgent action, even in the face of conflict and risk is necessary



Our Theory of Change


By activating the leadership of the neighborhood, we take collective action to make meaningful changes in the lives of children and families and build sustainable communities.

The Power of Community

SOMOS recognizes that many in our community are struggling to keep a roof over their children’s heads. Even as we ask parents to become more involved in the their children’s lives, we often spend time sharing information and resources to help address other underlying issues that make that engagement difficult for parents

We have to change the course for families in Mayfair, and the best people to chart the path forward are the parents in our community

SOMOS focuses on recognizing each individual’s power to transform their community through taking collective action together to pursue our collective vision for Mayfair. 

Community Transformation

Community transformation is a formidable challenge.  The root causes of crisis in Mayfair are complex and deep.  That sheer complexity defeats efforts towards solutions from the very beginning.  We know this, yet, even in the face of this, and maybe even because of this, Somos Mayfair’s In Our Hands campaign begins first and foremost with simplicity.  We first eliminate the impulse to design a strategy that is as complex as the proverbial “rocket science”; ours is the “anti-rocket science” campaign. We do this because we are putting the campaign in the hands of community residents and out of the hands of professional nonprofit staff.  Furthermore, we assume constant transition of community members in and out of Mayfair and thus our strategy will continually have to be picked up and carried by newly arrived leaders.  Simplicity and clarity are sheer necessities.